STERLING ENTERPRISES QC Department plays a leading role in satisfying the needs of our clients, adding the impetus of sustaining development and improving the general competitiveness of our product series.

Having taken action to recruit many talented staff to serve in this Organisation.

All materials are evaluated to ensure that their quality meets our production and packaging standards, with suppliers being checked annually. We decide whether to purchase their products in the future according to their test records.

During production, we randomly check whether workers are operating machinery in accordance with the relevant rules. Most importantly, we severely test the quality of finished products according to the Product Standard and the Test Procedures; scrupulously inspecting all items to make sure they comply with clients requests before they are delivered. If any problems arise, or defects are found, they will be stringently investigated and precautions taken to ensure they are never repeated.

QC members hold complete responsibility for their job. Due to the efforts of these and other staff, our clients are continually satisfied by the quality of our products. This is why our items are enjoying increasing popularity in the global market.